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Welcome to our Turning Study!

How are your spatial navigation skills?

Find out by participating in our short online study. Test your spatial navigation ability in less than 20 minutes and get feedback at the end of the experiment!
If you are using Firefox,Chrome,Safari or Opera Go Here:
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Make sure that you...

  • be concentrated
  • It's important that you stay focused and not get distracted during the experiment. Make sure you find a place where you are alone and able to concentrate. Furthermore we suggest that you turn off the light during the experiment.

  • take your time
  • Make sure have sufficient time. Once you start the experiment you should not take a break or abort it. Never use the backward button in your browser since it will bring you back to the starting page and all data will be lost. No need to rush, altogether the experiment will take approximately 20 minutes

  • install the latest flash version
  • In this experiment you will see videos. Therefore you have to install the latest version of Adobe's Flash player. If you see the video below everything works fine, if you don't see anything or just a message saying you need a more recent flash version please go to adobe's website and install the latest flash version.

This experiment is established by researchers from the "Neurobiopsychology" department at the University of Osnabrueck in Germany. If you have any question regarding our privacy policy please go here.