Experimental Procedure:

  1. Start the video:
  2. In this experiment you will see 24 short videos of virtual passages through a star field. After you start the experiment the first video will be loaded. When its loaded you can start it by clicking on the arrow in the middle of the screen. The video will now start in full-screen mode. Please move your mouse cursor to the lower edge of the screen so that it disappears.

  3. What you will see:
  4. All videos show passages through star fields and each video will start with a black screen. Then a countdown will indicate the start of the passage. Every passage through a star field starts with a straight segment and ends with a straight segment. In the middle of a passage, after the initial straight segment, there will be a turn. A turn can be to the left or to the right, or it can go up or down. Your task is to keep up orientation and to indicate, at the end of the passage, where the starting position of the passage was.

  5. How you respond:
  6. At the end of a passage four arrows will appear pointing into different directions. Please select the one arrow that correctly points back to your starting position. Click on the arrow that you intuitively think is correct. When you lost your orientation during the passage please choose the arrow that you think is the most likely one. When you are done with the arrow selection, the next trial starts by loading another video.

  7. Questionnaire:
  8. After the last trial there will be a short questionnaire on your experience with the experiment. Please fill out the required passages and finally press the submit button at the end of the page.

Please note that during the experiment you should never use the "backward button" in your browser, since it will bring yo back to the start page and all data will be lost!

Thatís it, enjoy the experiment!

Thank You!

You are almost done. Now there will be a short questionnaire. Please fill out ALL passages! When you are done click on the submit button. After you sumitted the data you can view your results by clicking on the result button at the end of the page.

(Don't Worry, the page does NOT change on button press!)

(English only)

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